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Traci Madison - Voice Talent

Traci possesses the type of deep, smooth, clean voice that you can listen to for hours. Neither her pitch nor her tone delve into the 'grating' areas so common with female voices.   

Since 1986, more than 50 producers throughout North America have agreed that "one-take Traci" saves clients a great deal of money. "We always get a few extra takes...then we realize there was no point". 

She records ‘final’ scripts in very few takes and, with her writing background, Traci provides editing services to assist in getting scripts to that 'final' stage.

And check this: Traci's husband actually ASKS her to read to him…he likes listening to her...ever heard of that?!


 vocal style

Traci's voice doesn't reach into the screechy, high-pitched register but you can request any of these styles:  Articulate, Authoritative, Child-like, Comedic, Engaging, Erotic, Deadpan, Edgy, Enthusiastic, Flirtatious, Frightened, Hip, Intelligent, Interviewer, Hysterical, Inspirational, Melodramatic, Motivational, Persuasive, Refined, Sarcastic, Seductive, Smooth, Sophisticated, Storyteller, Straightforward, Sultry, Trustworthy, Velvety, Versatile, Warm.

vocal tone

Low to Mid-range spoken word. Soprano singer. 


American - Neutral, West Coast, Midwest, Southern, New York

Canadian - Neutral, Western, Eastern


British, Russian, Spanish

editing services

Your message will always be clear, concise and accurate as Traci ensures correct word usage, grammar, continuity and flow for every project; she can't help it, she's a writer armed with a Communications Degree.

just how long has traci been voicing?

Since 1986...for National & International projects on Radio, Television, Internet & DVD; for Corporations, E-Learning, Animations, Commercials, Audiobook and IVR. Traci has been with, and now without agents, as well as in, and now out of unions.