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 vocal style

Traci's voice doesn't reach into the screechy, high-pitched register but you can request any of these styles:  Articulate, Authoritative, Child-like, Comedic, Engaging, Erotic, Deadpan, Edgy, Enthusiastic, Flirtatious, Frightened, Hip, Intelligent, Interviewer, Hysterical, Inspirational, Melodramatic, Motivational, Persuasive, Refined, Sarcastic, Seductive, Smooth, Sophisticated, Storyteller, Straightforward, Sultry, Trustworthy, Velvety, Versatile, Warm.

vocal tone

Low to Mid-range spoken word. Soprano singer. 


American - Neutral, West Coast, Midwest, Southern, New York

Canadian - Neutral, Western, Eastern


British, Russian, Spanish

editing services

Your message will always be clear, concise and accurate as Traci ensures correct word usage, grammar, continuity and flow for every project; she can't help it, she's a writer armed with a Communications Degree.

just how long has traci been voicing?

Since 1986...for National & International projects on Radio, Television, Internet & DVD; for Corporations, E-Learning, Animations, Commercials, Audiobook and IVR. Traci has been with, and now without agents, as well as in, and now out of unions.